Environmental cleanup is my passion. Growing up amidst the pollution recognition movement, and with a Father who was active in domestic and international cleanups of contaminated sites, I developed this passion and had the opportunity to take my awareness and experience and use it as a building block for an exciting career in environmental remediation.  As an On-Scene Coordinator at USEPA since 2002, I’ve had the chance to clean up numerous sites and oversee cleanups at many more – working with the world’s best in the field.  These sites have ranged from urban industrial sites like metal plating sites, to rural sites like pesticide crop duster sites and abandoned mine sites.  I have had the chance to implement numerous alternative treatment technologies.

The purpose of this site is to share and gather perspectives on environmental cleanup, response, remediation and restoration of contaminated sites.  I hope you’ll read and share this blog going forward.  Hope you enjoy it


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